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Where To Find A Frog

If you are looking for the most beautiful tree frog from the tropical rainforests of Central and South America, you have found him right here! Stripey, the red-eyed tree frog! Children love the award-winning book
Stripey Follows His Dream!

Frogs live on every continent except Antarctica. There are over 5,000 species of frogs in the world, and most of them are found in tropical rainforests. Some scientists believe there are many frog species that haven't been discovered yet.

Most frogs are nocturnal, which means they're active at night. There are other frogs that are diurnal, which means they are active during the day. The diurnal frogs are either called poison arrow frogs or poison dart frogs. Their skin is marked with bright, beautiful colors and patterns. They don't have to hide because their colors warn predators that their skin is toxic or poisonous. The Golden Arrow Frog of Columbia stores poison in its skin glands, and it has enough toxins to kill a person if touched.

Frogs like to hide in moist, damp places, and they don't like direct sunlight. You can find them near ponds, at the edges of swamps, and on river banks. They are best found after a rain or during the rainy season on the underside of leaves, in the trees, under rocks, on the ground, and in mossy areas. Most frogs can camouflage themselves on leaves and even on tree bark. They can blend in with their environment. Other frogs hibernate during the winter months in burrows or at the bottom of ponds.

If you listen at night after a rain during the mating season, you might be able to identify various frogs because of their unique mating calls. In cities or towns, frogs like hiding out in drainpipes and around water fixtures. They also love to hang out around porch lights. That's where frogs can feast on insects that are also attracted to the lights.

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