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Eden and Trace, Deep in the Heart of Florida




Dimensions: 500 x 335
File size: 310.91 kbytes
Taken on: 2011:06:16 10:33:41
Camera model: Nikon Corporation NIKON D200
Shutter speed: 1/250 sec
Focal length: 62 mm
Aperture: f/5
Flash: Flash, strob return light detected
ISO: 100
  • Hayden, Fairy in a Yellow Rose
  • Sitting on a Sunflower
  • Baby Fairy Asleep on a Shelf
  • Baby Sleeping in an Eggshell
  • Edgar, Fun on the Farm
  • Jake and Chloe, Magic Carpet Flight
  • Christmas in the Forest
  • Tyler, The Big Catch!
  • Hayden, Little Indian Girl
  • Owen, Little Indian boy
  • Jessie, Lily Pad Fairy
  • Hayden, Flying Witch on a Broomstick
  • Erick and Stephen, The Special Wish
  • Leah, Grandma's Pink Tulips
  • Ashlyn, Fairy Reading in the Forest
  • Taylor, Daffodil Fairy
  • Zaria, Heaven's Gift
  • Laney, Little Golden Fairy
  • Jase and The Magical Book, Stripey Follows His Dream
  • Hannah, Baby Fuchsia Fairy
  • Samuel, Land of Dinosaurs
  • Ashlyn, The Little Mermaid
  • Hayden, Little Mermaid and Dolphins
  • Baby Angel in the Clouds
  • Baby Hydrangia Fairy
  • Baby Asleep in Black-Eyed Susans
  • Leah, Sleeping in a Floral Nest
  • Joseph, Swinging on a Snowflake
  • Jason, Santa's Helper
  • Happy
  • Hayden, Hide-and-Go-Seek
  • Hayden and Ashlyn, The Magical Teaparty
  • Declan, Bathtime on the Beach
  • Ashlyn, Fairy Reading on a Daisy
  • Hayden, Fairy Reading on a Daisy
  • Jake and the Dinosaur Egg
  • Asleep in a Nest of Cotton
  • Baby Angel Asleep in a Cotton Wreath
  • Ashlyn, The Squeaky Little Mouse
  • Hayden, The Rose Fairy
  • Ashlyn, Little Miss Lady Bug
  • Hayden, Froggy Teapot
  • Declan, The Little Sailor
  • Stephen, Raining Frogs
  • Sarah, Little Rag Doll
  • Stephen, Keeping Dry in the Rainforest
  • Ashlyn and Hayden, Baby Bluebirds in a Nest
  • Jessie, Strawberry Delight
  • Hayden, Cottontail Peeking from the Bunny Hole
  • Sarah, Baby Bunny Loves Jelly Beans
  • Allie, Spirited Angel
  • Isabella, Little Angel Hiding
  • Ansley, A Little Curl in Your Hair
  • Sarah and Chip, Blowing Bubbles
  • Hayden, Halloween and the Haunted House
  • Miriam, Little Pumpkin
  • J.P., Spaghetti Tot
  • Sophie, Spring Basket
  • Leah, The Carousel Horse
  • Ashlyn, The Funny Little Bunny
  • Leah and Sarah, Fairy Dust
  • Sofia, Baby Asleep on a Hydrangia Bed
  • Leah, Beautiful Little Monarch
  • Lucian, Busy Little Bee
  • Leah, Sweet Summer Rose
  • Jayne and James, Baby Twins
  • Sarah, Beautiful Mermaid
  • Aneque, Pine Cone Fairy's Prayer
  • Sarah and Stephen, Two Little Sweethearts
  • Gwendoline, Baby Owl
  • Catherine, Mystical Forest
  • Brooklyn, Little Elf
  • Taylor, Cloud Fantasy
  • Leah Had a Little Fawn
  • Jacquez, African Safari
  • Leah, Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • Eden and Trace, Deep in the Heart of Florida
  • Brianne, The Wise Hibiscus Fairy
  • Sarah, Teacup Fun
  • Cyra, Red Poppies
  • Lane, Fantasy Flight of the Biplane
  • Hannah, Asleep in a Row Boat
  • Jase, Asleep in a Row Boat
  • Ashlyn's
  • Ashlyn's
  • Lorenna, Deep in the Rainforest
  • Danielle, The Giant Conch
  • Erick, The Brave Coyote and the Man in the Moon
  • Hayden, Fairy Reading in the Forest
  • Baby Asleep in a Black-Eyed Susan Nest
  • Aniyla, Tiny Munchkin
  • Kelvin, Tiny Munchkin
  • Hayden's Halloween Costume, Custom Made With Love, by Grandma Gail
  • Levi Jr. and Rylee, The Dairy Farmer and the Baby Cow
  • Levi Jr. and Rylee, The Dairy Farmer and the Baby Cow
  • Hayden, The Flying Witch
  • Lucian, Little Cowboy
  • Spencer, Goodbye for Now